Above and Beyond Camps

Ultra endurance events are too often simply seen as tests of fitness. Our experience teaches that it's very much a combination of sometimes obscure factors which ensures success. At Above & Beyond, you’ll gain new knowledge and skills, ensuring that you start any challenge with the necessary confidence to complement your ultra-endurance fitness. Although we will be riding for several hours each day, our camps are not designed to form part of your fitness training - rather we will use the time to arm you with knowledge and skills to help your future challenges, though of course we'll also have plenty of ride time.

We even cover the strategic use of zip-ties and duct tape to survive almost any mechanical or medical calamity!

Included in the one week €745 package is*:

·       7 nights’ accommodation including breakfast and dinner at the luxury eco-estate, La Bruguera de Púbol.

·       6+ days’ epic riding on some fantastic Catalan roads, some of them gravel, most of them smooth as butter.

·       On-the-bike coaching, night riding and navigational activities to really test your abilities.

·       The opportunity for a 1-to-1 session with each A&B coach to cover any personal aspects of your performance you wish to enhance further

·       Advanced nutrition strategies for ultra-endurance fuelling, with on the bike and in-the-kitchen advice and 1-to-1 sessions.

·       Practical strength and conditioning to enhance your performance, prevent injury and maximise recovery.

·       Master classes on equipment choices and hacks, altitude, sleep, mental skills, disaster management, and roadside bike repair.

·       "Real food” nutritional products to sample, cooked on site, and provided by our partner Veloforte.cc.

*Sports massages, bike rental, and airport transfers are available as optional extras.

There are five A&B camp weeks to choose from, to allow you to be ready for any challenges the years throws at you.

Not even half way...

Not even half way...