"Faster, Higher, Stronger"

You’re a little strange already, aren’t you?

You have the goal of becoming better at some kind of ultra-endurance nonsense that no-one normal would ever consider? Perhaps London to Paris, Transcontinental, the Highland 500 or just a big monster weekend ride for the hell of it? You may even want to go full Above and Beyond and join us in the Wolf Pack 2 ride from Pau to Barcelona!

Well, we are three strangely experienced friends you’d probably like to meet…

Come this way...



We are three experienced endurance coaches, coming together throughout 2018 to offer several Above & Beyond training camps aimed at cyclists who are hoping to improve their chances of success in 'ultra' endurance events, or as we prefer to call them, 'doing something fun but for a very very long time'. We will help you uncover and learn all the bases you need to ensure you are prepared for any event or eventuality. Sessions at camp will cover training, nutrition, equipment choices, bike skills, night riding and even navigation and emergency repairs. 

Our camps run throughout the year from the 21st of April. Each camp comprises 7 nights’ accommodation at the luxury eco-estate, La Bruguera de Púbol, 6 days’ riding, on the bike coaching, night riding, navigational skills, performance assessments, advanced nutrition strategies, practical strength and conditioning, a series of “master classes” on subjects such as equipment hacks, as well as preparing for racing at altitude and managing sleep deprivation.

The price for all of this and much more is just €745, with optional airport transfer and massage.

We will also run two Autumn camps with former Wiggle-Honda pro cyclist and Founder of the Homestretch Foundation, Kathryn Bertine, with a range of additional exciting features.  See here for more details on all our camps.